MBA Students Analyze Business Operations in Final Presentations

June 20, 2018

Olivet School of Business MBA NYC  concluded with student final presentations with each student implementing a comparative studies on different companies and institutes' operations and management.

Olivet’s MBA students researched on topics that varied from Performing Arts, Inc Lincoln Center VS Carnegie Hall, Manhattan Jewelry stores Tiffany VS Swarovski, to retail platform stores like Amazon VS Walmart.  

One student’s detailed investigation on their subjects on Tiffany VS Swarovski, led her to visit their retail stores and experienced the environment of how they operated. This helped her gain a real sense of the business’ operations of a physical Jewelry store ranging from the choice of location, store layout and design, shopping guidance, customer service, and advertising.

Instructor Lisa M. Tolliver offered feedback and addressed critical questions toward each student’s project.  She pointed out the directions that can be further studied to enhance the depth of the project’s analysis.  The course helped guide each student to think and apply what they've learned during their whole MBA program.

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