OBS Welcomes Business Students for Fall Quarter

September 25, 2018

The Olivet Business School (OBS) is preparing to usher in the new quarter by welcoming new students as well as returning business students to its New York Manhattan location. The staff and faculty prepared an orientation session along with a city tour to acclimate students to their new academic environment.

OBS has designed its MBA program to attract many local and international students who desire to be nurtured and transformed into business professionals and business leaders of this world.

The school recognizes that each student is unique and works closely with each student in choosing the courses. Depending on their interests and academic backgrounds, the students can not only choose the courses they like but also choose the campus they want to attend.

OBS students are also allowed to apply for exchange programs if they wish to study at one of OBS' partner institutions. Besides New York City, OBS also has locations in San Francisco and Riverside.

The business school in New York, located in downtown Manhattan, is a short walk away from the historic Wall Street, giving students opportunity to experience, first-hand, the pulse of the city's most recognizable neighborhood.

OBS encourages and invites potential students to visit its locations and learn more about its BBA and MBA programs. Once students are enrolled in the MBA program, they will be assigned an academic advisor who will act as a mentor, guiding them throughout the program and helping them achieve their dreams.

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