Summer Business Ministry Practice Goes Coast-to-Coast

July 24, 2013

Students from the Olivet College of Business (OCB) traveled to different cities this summer to fulfill their ministry practice requirements with Olivet University's affiliated business ministries.  

MBA students departed to coast-to-coast locations such as downtown Los Angeles and New York City to join marketing departments in various businesses as part of their ministry internship following the MG600 Marketing Management taken in the Spring Quarter.

One Olivet business student shared her excitement.  "I'm truly looking forward to be able to stay in LA for a couple months this summer. Actually, practicing in the real business world is much different than in the classroom. The knowledge we learned provides a very useful guideline for the work. There is pressure not just to know about the business, but also to apply our Christian values in order to influence the business rather than the other way round. I feel challenged everyday here, and I like it."

Other students from the MBA program travelled to New York City for internship positions with various companies in the finance, media, and marketing sector.

The ministry practice is part of Olivet's requirements for graduation. According to the ministry practice handbook: "the purpose of the Ministry Practice program is to equip students for effective ministry in their specialized areas of study by providing students with field-based learning opportunities in professional ministry service environments, the program also enriches the overall educational experience, with the intention of facilitating spiritual and professional growth in preparation for ministry service."

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