OCB Class Delves Into Social Responsibilities and Ethics

February 10, 2014

Olivet University's College of Business' strategy class delved into social responsibilities and ethics in strategic management. Professor Lisa Tolliver led the class to examine the relationship between business firms and society and presented issues in social responsibility and ethics.

In order to understand the relationship between social responsibility and corporate performance and the stakeholder concerns and various responsibilities of business firms, the professor guided students into a series of mock debates.  The discussions used vivid examples from business case studies in showing the guidelines for ethical behavior according to utilitarianism, individual rights, and justice approaches.

The debates also covered lectured topics that position for and against social responsibility, importance of corporate stakeholders, Kohlberg’s levels of moral development, ethical decision making vs. moral relativism, and guidelines for ethical behavior. 

For the remaining 2014 winter quarter, OCB's Business Strategy class will continue to explore and discuss topics such as Environmental Scanning and Industry Analysis, Internal Scanning (Organizational Analysis) and Functional Strategy and Strategic Choice, Strategy Implementation and Control and case analysis methods.

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