Business Students Explore Opportunities in Marketing Management

May 12, 2014

Olivet Business School' Marketing Management in 2014 Spring Quarter looks to help students explore marketing opportunities through product development, pricing strategies, customer communications and channel management.

Students participate with the professor in integrating the study, discussion, and application of Christian ethics with Marketing Management concepts and practices. Additionally, students apply what they learn in each module to a Christian context, as well as to a brand they select. Students apply theories associated with Armstrong & Kotler’s major customer value themes including brand equity, harnessing technologies, and sustainable marketing. 

"I think the course content is very useful practically and can be applied to the field for application," said Ryan Kwon, a first year MBA student with experience working in a Christian online publication. "I am thankful for the opportunity to study and how the program accommodates the need and schedule of the students so ideally." 

Teaching the course is Mark Li who holds an MBA degree from Kelly School of Business in Indiana University Bloomington. He has had extensive working experience in the field of web marketing and ecommerce as well as Internet business venture consulting.

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