Olivet Macroeconomics Class Wraps Up With Passionate Feedback From Students

August 13, 2014

Olivet Business School wrapped up its Macroeconomics class, instructed by Carol Jensen, with written analysis of macroeconomics relevant newspaper articles applicable to the topics covered in the class. The class, overall, received passionate feedback from the students.

The class on macroeconomics considers the worldwide economic environment within which businesses operate. Some of the topics of the course include the gross domestic product, unemployment, investment, interest rates, the supply of money, inflation, exchange rates, international trade, business cycles, and fiscal and monetary policy.

By completing this class, students are able to learn how to describe and analyze the economy in quantitative terms, utilize a simple contemporary economic model such as the aggregate supply/aggregate demand model and describe the interrelationships among prices, income and interest rates as they affect consumption, saving and investment, explain and evaluate the economic challenges of unemployment, inflation, and economic growth, describe the contemporary banking and monetary system, and analyze the role of money, credit, and Federal Reserve monetary policy, assess the historical and contemporary use of monetary and fiscal policy, describe the role of international trade and finance on domestic economic activity, identify and analyze the factors that contribute to or hinder economic growth and development.

"Carol is a very passionate and positive instructor," said Edward Sun, a first year MBA student from China. "She is very sincere and thoughtful. She tries to give us the best and teaches in a very vivid and interesting way through a bunch of cases and examples in the modern business area. The knowledge I've gained from the economics class is definitely very helpful to the future international trade and investing career that I am planning for."

"I have learned in class that macroeconomics is everywhere,” said Jason Kwon. “Especially knowledge of analyzing the market price, demand and supply will be very helpful to me when I start my own business after graduation."

The course instructor Carol Jensen(MBA, UCLA) is a dynamic business professional with more than 15years experience providing business-critical financial, accounting and information systems consulting and control for medium-to-small commercial clients and over six years successful planning, developing, and deploying complex information systems solutions for Fortune 500 corporations.

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