New Business College Library Resources Now Available

March 30, 2015

San Francisco’s Olivet College of Business (OCB) expanded their library book resources for its curriculum and night study project.   Business students have gotten a great deal of benefit from these new books which connect their field of study to Christianity and faith based readings.  Some of the resource looks at business Christian leaders' faith and how they grew spiritually closer to God through their area of practice.  The newly acquired books encourage Olivet business students to build the kingdom of God with passionate hearts and professional expertise.

Positive feedback from students commented on the field specialized books which provided them with different perspectives in business management like Human Resource Management, Corporate Finance and Business Leadership. These act to complement the existing in-class resources for current Olivet Business courses.

The first group of books was received in the middle of February while the 2nd group of resources will arrive in early April. Some include major textbooks while others are recommended books offering case studies.

OCB continues to enrich business students' knowledge and upgrading the academic level through its library resources.  OCB students and faculty are encouraged to make suggestions and requests for future business resources by contacting their program director.

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