OBS, Student Affairs Team Up for Advisory Services

May 11, 2015

Olivet Business School, OBS, in collaboration with the University's Student Affairs, office formed an advisory team to offer specified consultation toward graduating business students in the Fall. The program also provides necessary assistance for online students to advance in their studies.

Staff from OBS initiated meetings with students one by one in seeing how it can further support those who seek counseling in academic study or student life. Students' profiles, registration status, academic history and graduation fulfillment are monitored for progress.

The OBS advisors' new collaboration with the Student Affairs office is offering more opportunities to cater toward individual issues. This equates to more optimal student guidance on how to meet graduation requirements and best academic practices.

With these efforts, OBS aims to improve teaching quality, student learning experiences, and campus life for students in various business fields. The collaborative trend is spreading to other programs as each of Olivet University's colleges is seeking better ways to serve their students.

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