Business School Confirms Summer, Fall Program

June 24, 2015

As Spring Quarter comes to an end, Olivet Business School's, OBS, curriculum planning nears its conclusion for the opening courses for 2015 Summer and Fall.

One popular course for Summer Quarter includes E-Commerce Business Development and Business as Mission The MBA program is aiming to raise business leaders specialized in each field with concentration on areas such as E-Commerce. Popularity for the course stems from rising trends with online shopping and utilizing mobile tech for customer outreach. The course will encourage students to gain full understanding about the principles to run the E-Commerce business and the assignment will be project oriented.

Another course, Business as Mission, will be one that introduces new business model by examining the emergent role of business in Christian missions. Themes covered include the theology of business as missions followed by practical issues concerning the use of business as a vehicle for cross-cultural missions, and specific for-profit business models and case studies. By the end of the course, business students will have a better understanding of the opportunities and challenges associated with integrating business and missions.

In the Fall, OBS will open courses such as Microeconomic Analysis, Marketing Management and Capstone Project to students. Microeconomic Analysis will look into microeconomic analysis and policy under mixed capitalism. Topics covered include economic environment and institutions, markets, consumer choice, production and resource allocation. Meanwhile, Course Marketing Management is about exploring marketing opportunities through product development, pricing strategies, customer communications and channel management.

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