Olivet Launches Business Leadership Institute

August 04, 2015

Olivet University launched the Business Leadership Institute (BLI) this summer at its New York extension site in downtown Manhattan.

Integrated into the Olivet Business School’s MBA curriculum, the new institute focuses on raising business leaders and to provide them with in-field case studies from companies based on Christian value.

"The purpose of this initiative is not only to help business leaders understand their ministries related to the building of Kingdom of God, but provide feasible and applicable tools to implement their mission strategies," said Dean of Olivet Business School, Dr. John Xiao.

"It also provides mentorship and guidance from CEOs for the young professionals and new business leaders," he added.

Several Christian CEOs from media and tech companies will deliver lectures on topics ranging from "Why to Start a Business," "Sales and Marketing Basics," "Hiring and Culture Building," "Legal and Accounting Basics for Small and Medium Business," and "Business Strategies".

Olivet University has been dedicated to training ministry-bound men and women as biblical scholars and leaders, and to equipping them with practical skills from industry professionals.

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