Minimum: 180

Biblical Studies and Theological Studies 48
BIBL100 Introduction to Old Testament 4
BIBL110 Introduction to New Testament 4
BIBL200 Life & Teachings of Jesus 4
BIBL210 Acts and Life and Teachings of Paul 4
BIBL220 Non-Pauline Letters and the Apocalypse 4
BIBL230 Old Testament Theology 4
THEO100 Introduction to Theology 4
THEO200 God, Creation & Redemption 4
THEO210 Spirit, Church & Hope 4
THEO110 Historical Theology 4
THEO220 Christian Ethics 4
THEO310 Biblical Apologetics 4
General Education 56
Foundation ( 16 )
GE100 Math Concepts and Quantitative Reasoning 4
GE130 Speech & Communication 4
GE150 Research & Writing 4
GE320 World Perspectives 4
Distribution ( 40 )
Courses listed in each area are not exhaustive; other courses may meet category requirements. Therefore, consult with your academic advisor. Acceptable courses for the distribution requirement include general introductory courses within the disciplines represented in the area. Courses that meet the distribution requirement criteria in each area are listed below. Choose 40 quarter hours in total, including two courses from each of the three areas below
a.) Humanities/Arts
*Students must complete at least 4 units of a foreign language, English Literature & Composition, Introduction to Arts, or Introduction to Music in order to count toward the humanities requirement.
GE120 English Literature & Composition* 4
GE140 Information Literacy 4
GE230 Introduction to Arts* 4
GE240 Introduction to Music* 4
GE280 Introduction to Psychology 4
MINS200 Introduction to Missions 4
HIST 350 World Christian Movement 4
THEO360 Christian Ethics 4
MINS201 Cultural Studies 4
MT100 Musicianship & Theory I 4
MM200 Introduction to Worship 4
MM210 Worship Leadership 4
MP10001- 22001 Applied Music: Piano I-VI 2
MP10002-22002 Applied Music: Voice I-VI 2
MP10003-22003 Applied Music: Guitar I-VI 2
MP10004-22004 Applied Music: Orchestral Instruments I-VI 2
AR100 Introduction to Drawing 4
AR110 Color and Design 4
GD220 History of Graphic Design 4
GD230 Digital Imaging 4
AH100 Art History: Iconography 13th - 14th Century 4
ID100 Introduction to Interior Design 4
FS100 Introduction to Fashion Design 4
JO200 News Writing 4
JO220 Information Gathering 4
JO230 Social Media and Traditional Media 4
XXxxx Foreign Language* 8
b.) Natural/Information Science:
GE250 Biology 4
GE270 General Physics 4
GE300 Introduction to Computer and Web 4
IT100 Programming Methodology 4
NS100 Network Concepts and Foundation 4
IT200 Practical Unix/Linux 4
EN100 Calculus 1 5
EN110 Calculus 2 5
EN120 Differential Equations 4
EN130 Calculus-Based Physics 1 4
EN200 Calculus-Based Physics 2 4
EN210 Chemistry 1 4
EN220 Chemistry 2 4
c.) Social/Behavioral Science: 4
GE220 US History & Government 4
CM100 Business Communications 4
FI110 Accounting I 4
FI210 Accounting II 4
EN230 Probability & Statistics 4
EC200 Macroeconomics 4
GE310 Marriage and Family Relations 4
GE110 English Fundamentals
This is a no-credit course divided into reading, writing-research, and speaking components. Students with elementary and intermediate English language skills (as determined by the Olivet University standardized entrance exam) are required to pass this course in order to be eligible to enroll in GE120 English Literature & Composition. Course intended to assist the transition of students from elementary English skill-levels to those characteristic of U. S. School students.
MIB300 Ministry Internship I ** 4
MIB350 Ministry Internship II ** 4
MIB400 Ministry Internship III ** 4
MIB410 Ministry Internship IV ** 4
**For more information, also see Ministry Practice Handbook.
*** All undergraduate Olivet School of Business students are required to take an additional 16 units of open electives. These electives should be chosen from among the introductory (100-299 level) professional studies course offerings of Olivet Theological School & Seminary, Jubilee School of Music, Olivet School of Journalism, Olivet School of Art & Design, Olivet Institute of Technology and/or Olivet School of Language Education.
Christian Service (0)
CS100 Christian Service 0
CH000 Chapel (0)
Chapel 0
**Students are required to pass 6 quarters of CS100 Christian Service and 9 quarters of CH000 Chapel. Please refer to the Christian Service Program Handbook for more detailed information.
CM100 Business Communications 4
CM200 Organizational Behavior 4
CM300 Marketing 4
CM400 Management 4
CM410 Introduction to Production and Quantitative methods 4
FI110 Accounting I 4
FI210 Accounting II 4
FI300 Finance 4
EC200 Macroeconomics 4
EC310 Microeconomics 4
EC400 Global Business 4
BE400 Ethical and Legal Issues in Business 4
Note: Please check Myolivet for specific course offerings and details in extension sites.

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