PhD Overview

Ph.D. in BA Overview

The OBS Ph.D. Program offers a Ph.D. in Business Administration. Students in the doctoral programs are encouraged from day one to think of this experience as their first job in business academia—a training ground for a challenging and rewarding career generating rigorous, relevant research that influences practice. Our doctoral students work with faculty and access resources throughout OBS and Olivet University. The PhD program curriculum requires coursework at OBS and other Olivet discipline departments, and with OBS and Olivet faculty on advisory committees. Faculty throughout Olivet guide the programs through their participation on advisory committees.

The OBS Ph.D. Program is a primarily non-residential doctoral program offered by Olivet Business School, Olivet University. Meeting the admission requirements indicates that the student is believed to be qualified to complete the required number of seminars with a grade of at least B-. Upon successful completion of this “Seminars Phase” and then a comprehensive “Doctoral Examination” before a committee, the student begins supervised research and writing in the “Dissertation Phase.” Upon completing the “Dissertation Phase” the student is able to graduate with a Ph.D. Degree in Business Administration.

Program Goals

Graduates of the Ph.D. in Business Administration will be expected to:

  • Apply a solid and comprehensive understanding of business administration to engage problems emerging in the world
  • Demonstrate expertise in the chosen field specialization (Accounting, Economics, Finance, Management, Marketing, Organizational Behavior, Strategy, Technology & Operations Management).
  • Demonstrate an ability to lecture on university level. Conduct original research

The Ph.D. in Business Administration program is a cohort program for which enrollment shall be open and courses shall be offered based on sufficient interest evidenced by qualified students.