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Business School Opens Marketing Management and Macroeconomics for Fall Quarter

Olivet Business School students started to learn marketing management and macroeconomics in Fall quarter.

Marketing management is a course that explores marketing opportunities through product development, pricing strategies, customer communications and channel management. The course is taught by instructor Benjamin Kim.

“I am very excited to teach marketing management this quarter. We have had a very good start. During the first few classes we got to know one another through a self-introduction session. I also had a chance to assess the familiarity of the students with marketing,” said Kim.

“We also were able to discuss and explore the basic concepts of marketing in the first few classes. The following classes will get more intense and study marketing concepts in depth. I have been receiving positive feedback from students until now. I am quite sure that the students will have a stronger foundation of the subject,” Kim added.

The Macroeconomics course covers gross domestic product, unemployment, investment, interest rates, the supply of money, inflation, exchange rates, international trade, business cycles, and fiscal and monetary policy. This study of macroeconomics considers the worldwide economic environment within which businesses operate. The course is taught by instructor Sebastian Keita.

Macroeconomics course is a follow-up course of the Microeconomics course offered in Summer quarter. “The students were very attentive and participative. It is very easy to easy to teach and also easy to understand for the students as this is a follow-up course and students have already had their foundations. This course will make the students delve into deeper topics in economics,” said instructor Keita.