B.A in Business Academics

Bachelor of Arts in Business Overview

The Bachelor of Arts in Business is a four-year undergraduate degree program preparing students to contribute to a world revolutionized through Christian mission as business professionals.

The program combines Bachelor of Arts Degree Core courses, business courses as well as open elective courses with the aim of cultivating a Biblical worldview and a professional perspective in students consistent with the mission of OU.

Students interested in taking the business major online can do so only at Olivet University International’s eCampus. 

Program Goals

In the context of Olivet’s mission, completion of the Bachelor of Arts in Business program will enable students to:

  • Apply an understanding of financial and economic concepts to varying business settings.
  • Define and explain the structure, styles and practices of business theory, business law, business operations, business leadership, and business management using their tools, technologies and specialized terms.
  • Demonstrate effective verbal, written and presentation communication skills appropriate for business environments.
  • Exercise decision-making skills to solve business problems.
  • Reflect critically on the relationship between business and Christian faith.