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Olivet Business School permits students to replace any course required for the completion of its degrees with the online course version of the same name and code from the Olivet University (OU) online course offerings. Special permission is not required and courses can be seamlessly register in MyOlivet. OBS students, however, are required to take more than half of the coursework at Olivet University on campus.

The OU online courses have the same course description and student learning outcome as residential courses, therefore, students may use credits earned via online education to complete degree requirements without any formal transfer request.


The Internet is a dynamic force at Olivet University, and it serves to unite our diverse international community. Olivet University’s online platform is supported by a large farm of Web servers configured to assure uninterrupted, around-the-clock operation. This online platform supports Olivet’s degree programs, which are taught by qualified instructors and administered by the Course Management System known as “MyOlivet” – a unique, high-performance, multi-user database management system created by Olivet University.

MyOlivet is designed to encourage user involvement and interaction. Its applications make for a high-quality course experience by allowing instructors to chart every assignment and activity in a given course, many of which can be evaluated electronically. In the same way, MyOlivet “student” pages facilitate academic discussion, interaction and community formation among Olivet University’s student users.

Student lessons, projects, or dissertations that are sent to Olivet University via the institution’s online platform will receive a response or evaluation within ten days of receipt.


Every course at Olivet University utilizes an online classroom environment, which enhances the learning experience for students and faculty making every day tasks such as assignment submissions, viewing the gradebook, or sharing digital content a breeze. Final grades and official communication as well as appeals have to go through the online classroom. Beyond this each faculty decides on the extent and frequency of classroom online utilization.

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